We offer a range of professional heritage services including:

Archaeological Assessments

  • Desktop research
  • Field surveys
  • Site recording, assessment and management
  • Mitigation and salvage

Cultural Heritage Management

  • Cultural heritage management plans
  • Heritage gap and risk assessments
  • Cultural heritage management systems development, including policy and procedure development, system and work flow design, GIS and information management, consultation protocols, c ontractor management, workforce training, collections management and interpretation
  • Reviews and management advice for all stages of operation from pre-purchase and due diligence through to feasibility, operations and closure

Government Approvals

  • Preparation and submission of section 18 and 16 applications under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972

We offer additional specialist services


  • Customised heritage induction or training packages for staff, contractors, community or specific-needs groups
  • On-site delivery of heritage inductions and training

Cultural Heritage Audits

  • Design and development of heritage audit programs and tools
  • Conduct of heritage compliance reviews and audits
  • Gap analysis

We collaborate with a variety of other experts to provide a comprehensive heritage solution, tailored to our clients needs.  Areas of expertise include anthropology; stone tool analysis; residue, use wear and soil science; excavation.